Read this before dating a Japanese beauty. Maximize your chances of success

Japanese culture has always been attracting people all over the world; it has a special spirit and charm that cannot leave indifferent anyone who is acquainted with it. Women from this country are the main element of Japanese magic; men of different nationalities dream about them, and for a good reason. So, which features of ladies from Japan are so attractive?

Pure beauty

Japanese beauty is more than just physical attractiveness; it is a special, mystical charm, grace, and hypnotic magnetism. Usually, the appearance of a Japanese woman is appreciated by experienced esthetes that are fond of exquisite art, but even people that do not like Asian beauty admit that ladies from Japan have something magical in their face.

Japanese women look very delicate; they have petite figures and flawless porcelain skin, which make them look like real goddesses. Features of their face are very proportional; big eyes, thin chin and sensual lips make them look like young girls, and their flowing shiny hair captivates men’s hearts all over the world.

The distinctive feature of Japanese women is that they do not lose their beauty getting old. Slender middle-aged women with beautiful black hair and smooth skin look like they are 25-30 years old.

Femininity in everything

Western ladies prioritize comfort in everyday life, and the Japanese aim to look cute and innocent. You will never see shaggy hair and baggy pants on a Japanese girl; this country is a land of porcelain dolls with wide-open eyes and rosy cheeks.

Moreover, most ladies from Japan are excellent housewives because domestic work is considered to be a very feminine activity. They gracefully clean the house and prepare delicious supper for the relatives, and a chore does not take the smile off their face.

Peace of mind

The word “harmony” characterizes Japanese women better than any other. Overreacting, irritability and excessive emotionality are believed to be typical negative traits of female character, but it certainly does not apply to Japanese ladies; they are relaxed and calm almost in every situation.

Your Japanese girlfriend will never say anything negative about you, even after a bad breakup. Also, she won’t treat you like her personal psychologists complaining about every little thing. Relations with such a lady mean no scandals and no emotional ups and downs.


Japanese attitude towards romantic relations differs from what we are used to. Many American people treat marriage as a battlefield, which is because women have undertaken the male lead. Ladies want to control everything and build a better career than their husbands have. Thus, a woman became a rival of her soulmate.

Japanese ladies, in contrast, have different values; their primary goal is to be a reliable companion for their beloved men. Every couple has misunderstandings and conflicts, but a girl from Japan never overreact; she is prone to analyze her own behavior and understand how to avoid the worsening of a situation.

What you should know about the Japanese before dating

1.   They are polite in EVERY case

Japan is one of the politest countries in the world, and sometimes Japanese politeness runs counter to what the people actually feel. At first sight, it may seem not attractive at all because we, Western people, would like to know what is going on in the mind of our partner or interlocutor. However, this trait has much more advantages than you can imagine. Generally, it helps to avoid conflicts and resentments; as well, politeness reduces stress and creates a good mood. Usually, hidden emotions negatively affect our mental well-being, but if we cope with weak emotions (e.g. irritation), ignoring helps to get rid of them. In this way, politeness is a good feature of Japanese culture.

Still, if you flirt with a girl, you’ll never figure out whether she likes you or not because she will always be kind and smiling. Remember this and do not build your courtship only on the response of a Japanese lady.

2.    They expect you to be polite

Yes, they know about cultural differences, but it hardly can help for a long time and a lot of misunderstanding. There are many examples of a broken friendship between a Japanese girl and a foreigner because the behavior of the man was considered as rude. A woman from Japan can stop correspondence with no explanation if she is badly offended, and you will not even have a chance to explain everything.

Therefore, try to avoid ambiguous jokes; speak clearly, especially if there is a language barrier between you and a girl, and of course, forget about swagger, intrusion in her personal space, and touches if you are just acquaintances.

3.    They feel uncomfortable with public display of affection

The Japanese are very restrained in public. As well, they show feeling each to other carefully, trying not to be obtrusive. There is no need to be like them and limit yourself every time you are with your beloved lady; you can hold the hand of your girlfriend if you date for a long time, but do not hug or kiss the her when there is somebody else around.

4.    They are very concerned about social image

They are much more conservative and dependent on a public opinion that Western women, so do not expect her to do something extraordinary. You also need to look good in the eyes of the public; therefore, do not try to impress her with your self-confidence and bad boy image, which would rather work in the USA. Japanese ladies will definitely appreciate good manners and good taste. Being a gentleman would be a right decision in any case.

5.    They are shy

Japanese girls are not used to talk much to strangers, so the date can be ruined by awkward silence. Your job is to avoid it. There’s no need to come up with dozens different questions about her; you just have to find out what she likes to talk about and direct the conversation towards this subject. It is almost a guarantee that she will like the first date. When she is talking, she expects your undivided attention; don’t let anything distract you, and if it has to happen, apologize.

How to date a Japanese girl. Tips to make her fall in love with you

Be attentive

Notice changes in her appearance or style and compliment her. If you ignore her new haircut, she may think that you just do not care. As well, if you see that she is upset, talk to her and support her.

Do not wait for her to ask for help. It’s unlikely that she will ever do this because she does not want to be burdensome for you, but carrying her heavy bags and helping to prepare a supper makes you a great boyfriend.

Express your feelings

There is a stereotype that the Japanese hate feelings to be expressed, but actually, they just do not like bad manners and importunity. All women like active and initiative men; many Japanese ladies said that they would prefer a passionate man who fights for them than a passive boyfriend. Since men in Japan rarely express their feelings, women die to hear tender words from their soulmates. Tell your girlfriend that you love her if you really do. However, nothing express feeling as good as an amorous glance. Admire the beauty of her face, movements, and walk, and she will definitely notice it.

Be the man of her dream

Sometimes Western men are afraid to ask a Japanese girl out; it may seem that the exotic country has many rules about behavior and prohibitions that make a romance complicated. Actually, it is not hard to understand how to be a perfect boyfriend for a beauty from Japan. First of all, all girls are similar, and they want the same thing, being appreciated, respected, and loved by a strong man.

If you try to understand what pattern of behavior ladies from Japan like, remember the fairy tales for little girls, such as “Cinderella.” Every woman wants their boyfriend to be a prince charming, gentle, generous, brave and reliable, but Japanese girls want it more than others. Therefore, being on a date, imagine you are a modern prince from a beautiful fairytale, be a gentleman, polite and big-hearted, but most importantly, be completely fascinated by her. Give her hand to help get out of a car, hold doors, pull out a chair, and walk on the outer side of a sidewalk.

How to start relationships with a Japanese lady

If you are a lucky tourist or a resident of Japan, you have many options to look for a girlfriend. The main rule of your searches is to be in public places as much as possible. Do not lose an opportunity to visit any social event; go to concerts, cafes, festivals, etc. The next rule is to talk to girls; you do not even must to ask them out; from the very beginning, just try to get experience in communication with Japanese women. Ask a lady whether she speaks English, and if she does, start a conversation.

However, the easiest way to find a Japanese girlfriend is to join a dating website. As a matter of fact, many men who went to Japan in order to find a bride use romantic platforms, and being in Japan helps them meet the ladies from the site in person. Such an approach completely justifies itself, because dating girls online has many advantages.

  1.    They are ready to have relationships with a foreigner

Japan is a conservative country with the low percentage of residents from other countries; cultural differences and language barrier are other issues that make girls from Japan concerned; therefore, you cannot be sure how many women would like to date a foreigner. However, ladies that register on international dating websites are ready to meet a man from a different country, so your chance of success  increases considerably on a dating platform.

  1.    They speak English

Most of the women who have joined a dating site speak English. Perhaps, it is because English-speaking Japanese feel confident enough to become a member of an international romantic portal. They also might have some friends abroad which makes them unbiased concerning relations with a foreigner and enables them to practice the language. Besides, being a member of a dating website is a great opportunity to find a girlfriend from Japan without learning Japanese.

  1.    They are open-minded

Usually, the Japanese on a dating site are open-minded, they want to meet new people and gain new experience. Such women are talkative and relaxed, they like to travel and happily accept changes in life. If you start a family with a girl from a romantic platform, she probably will be ready to move to a foreign country and adapt to another culture.

  1.    You can learn more about her personality

This advantage applies to dating sites in general, no matter what nationality you are interested in. Users learn a lot about their potential partners before getting acquainted. Quality dating services offer the search engine that allows to indicate the desired appearance and personality traits, age, education, etc. As well, some sites provide customers with extended questionnaire to be filled in; therefore, members can learn a lot each about other.

The best websites to date a Japanese beauty

Japan Cupid

The company-owner of the site Cupid Media does its best to make the customers feel cozy on the platform. The site contains thousands of stunning beauties that consider foreign guys to be extremely passionate and attractive; Japan Cupid women look for various types of relations, long-term dating, marriage, or even a pleasant pastime for one night. The administration of the site has developed a perfect pricing policy, which allows communicating without limits for low prices. Japan Cupid offers automatic translation service which erases language barriers between people who want to be together.


Cherry Blossoms

Great experience on dating market makes Cherry Blossoms the most famous romantic service among Asian girls. In addition to convenient communicating services, the site offers support for customers who want to visit a country of their beloved ones. A huge number of members and high reply rate make it impossible to remain single for a long time.



First Met

This big community of people who look for love contains more than 30 million singles. The simple interface helps members to navigate the site easily even from the very beginning of using. 80% of customers’ pages are connected to Facebook, which means that almost all profiles are genuine. First Met provides high-quality services for communication for one of the lowest prices on the market.




Members use the platform not only for virtual dating but also to improve Japanese language skills and to find friends from Japan. Many women on the service live in the USA and use the site to meet local men for relationships; therefore, you have an opportunity to find a Japan girlfriend without going abroad.

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