Free online dating. How stereotypes shaped the market?

Generation of online dating

There are many pros and cons of online dating; some single people are professional in Web relationships and cannot imagine the start of romance without pre-dating online, and others have an extremely biased attitude towards the virtual date. However, we cannot deny that Internet is very helpful for love seekers, and statistics confirm this; a third of American couples who married between 2008 and 2017, started their relations in the World Wide Web. This number indicates how much people’s romantic stories ended happily, and the number of singles who have reached other goals on dating platforms remains unknown. After all, a lot of men and women look for short-term relationships, new experience, etc.

Well, if online dating is effective, why so many people do not consider it as a reliable way to find a spouse?

Stereotypes of online dating

People use dating sites as the last chance. There are so many singles who consider matchmaking services as the only place for hopeless and desperate people to find a date, and such a belief cut off a lot of wonderful perspectives. Actually, you can meet different users looking for love online, and the primary reason for such an approach to the search for a soul mate is lack of time. Areas of human lives have become sharply divided; office romances are strongly condemned; people are professional and goal-oriented, so flirt with a stranger on the way to work, and somehow appealing clothes in office are hardly considered acceptable. Fatalists tend to think that this will lead to the vanishing of romantic feelings and marriages, but in fact, we all just went to specially designed for dating places, matchmaking services.

Dating sites cannot offer what I am looking for. People usually are pessimistic about new opportunities that can improve their lives. Single women mistakenly believe that men on sites to date look only for short-term casual relations, and single gentlemen afraid that all the beauties who try to find a partner online are gold diggers. Needless to say that most of such concerns are absolutely groundless.

Those who have never tried virtual relationship can be surprised with the offers of online dating industry. It adapts to all requirements and avoids compromises, so try before making conclusions.

Online dating is expensive. This is the most common stereotype among singles who are afraid to create an account on a romantic platform. However, there are a lot of sites for everyone’s taste and pocket, and even a person who does not want to spend a penny on online dating can find many free websites for dating. Demand and supply are strongly connected. Years ago, when the dating industry only started to develop, there were not many people willing to pay for services that cannot give any guarantee, so paid sites could not succeed. Even today, when people know that online dating works, still not every Internet user would pay for virtual romance. Such a position is quite justified, because many newcomers to online relationships consider this way to find a partner rather experimental, and few people are ready to pay for the trial experience.

Because of high demand, the Web is full of free dating sites. However, “free” is strongly associated with low-quality, not reliable, and fake, that’s why a level of trust in these services is pretty low. Some love seekers think that free dating online attracts only those singles who do not treat relations seriously and look for entertainment, not a potential bride or bridegroom. The logic of such a conclusion lies in the fact that willingness to spend resources reflects the desire, need, and seriousness of one’s attitude towards a certain issue.

In addition to this, members of free dating sites are considered to be irresponsible and frivolous. This judgment is caused again because of a logical connection that involuntary arise in a person’s mind. The main resources a person has are his or her time, money, and efforts, and depending on the situation, these resources have to be in a certain balance, and free dating is one of the activities that make it unbalanced. Let us say, a person does not want to pay for virtual romance because it is not treated seriously, then why he or she would spend so much time on browsing romantic websites that have no value?

Another reason why people prefer to stay apart from free match-making resources is bad reputation. Low-quality matches, accusation in causing teenagers’ immorality, etc. make people keep their distance from free dating sites as from a dirty business.

As a rule, the source of financing of free websites to date is advertisements. However, that money is often not enough to provide quality functioning, and the result is obvious. First, there is no customer support. It may seem not a significant flaw; if a website has a clear design, you might have no troubles to figure out how to use the service. Over time, such a drawback may become a factor that will discourage you from using online match-making sites forever.

Customer support not only helps to clarify some issues but also provides help if something really bad happens. For instance, you can face a scam or find out that your account has been hacked. The administrators of a platform can block a malicious profile as well as temporarily deny access to your account until the hacker is detected.

Besides, paid dating sites provides quality services; if such a website is reliable, and the pricing policy is reasonable, it can function for a very long time, unlike free one-off sites. The latter usually is a kind of hype; a particular social group actively uses it, but in a while, the people pay attention to something else, and the site becomes full of non-active users’ pages.

Quality dating sites do not relate to fashion; they are constantly improving to meet the latest users’ demands. Administrators “clean” websites, deleting inactive profiles. The networks of Cupid Media Group, Cherry Blossoms, and eHarmony are the most prominent examples of long-lasting online dating services.

Is paid dating online really expensive?

Internet dating industry offers a wide range of prices; as a rule, customers are not obliged to buy subscriptions to register; they can join platforms, browse, and then decide whether it is worth paying. Most such services have quite a reasonable price for the monthly subscription, which does not exceed the cost of a regular lunch.

A lot of men admit that online dating saves a lot of money. In fact, meeting in real life have its price, even if you are not dating a gold digger. Your girlfriend’s impression is not free; count expenses for all the cups of coffee, movie tickets, and flowers, and you’ll realize that a subscription on dating site costs nothing. Sure, sooner or later, you’ll have to meet your special lady from a romantic platform, but it will be the second phase of your relationships, and you’ll know for sure that your romance won’t be limited to several casual dates.

Free dating websites are full of scam. This opinion sounds a bit too radical, but in fact, fear of dealing with fraud is widespread and a little exaggerated among users of romantic platforms. Sometimes it even becomes obsessive anxiety and leads to avoiding all the attractive potential matches. The fear is quite understandable because virtual criminals often manage to avoid punishment. In contrast to theft, an online crime does not require swindlers’ physical presence that can leave evidence, besides, criminal activity can be carried out even from another country, so people often hear about Internet fraud, but rarely about catching the cheaters.

The reputation of a dating website strongly depends on whether users are protected from a scam. If it is known that there is no fraud on a platform, newcomers probably will choose it over the rest of sites; so quality paid dating services elaborate reliable anti-scam policy. Some of them even check registered users in person, and such kind of approach makes them more like marriage agencies, not just match-making sites.

Free websites to date are rather only connectors between people who want to find love; they give a possibility to communicate, but your safety is just your business.

After a long study of the online dating industry, our analysts have selected sites with the most trusted anti-scam policy. All of them are in our ratings.

What else paid dating services can offer?

Quality members. As a part of an anti-scam policy, some sites prompt users to verify their identities. If you communicate with a verified customer, you can be sure that you won’t become a victim of a fraud. Moreover, some websites just do not allow “not quality” users to register. For instance, Elite Singles provides customers with a questionnaire, and if the responses make the applicant look not good enough for such a prestigious site, the registration is declined. Yes, this approach is not kind and tolerant, but the users who manage to join Elite Singles can be sure they are looking for a partner who isn’t out of their league.

Translation services. Since international dating is way more popular than local, a language barrier can become a serious problem for free love seekers. In contrast, paid platforms care for providing the customers with all means for quality and convenient interaction, so usually, translation is either automatically included to the membership, or you can buy it as a separate service.

Compatibility search. Most of the chargeable sites are oriented towards creating solid relations between people who share each other’s values, have the same worldview, etc. That’s why users are encouraged to fill out a detailed questionnaire. Some platforms do not even enable registration without responding to all the questions about one’s personality and preferences. Free romantic websites usually help people find singles who live the closest to the seeker. No wonder if such an unscrupulous search leads you to odd people or someone not good enough for you.

Virtual relations are associated with many stereotypes and negative experience, but it is not reasonable to disfavor the whole niche; you can face troubles and failures in ordinary dating, too, and this will not discourage you from meeting people at all. Virtual relations also deal with such issues as compatibility, mutual understanding, preferences, etc., and users of the networks have to take several attempts to succeed, same as people who look for a romantic partner in real life.

Whatever match-making site you choose, let your virtual dating be a pleasant adventure, which will lead to something beautiful and eternal. Good luck!

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