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Thailand is a real heaven on earth. Here you will find stunningly beautiful nature and high-rise buildings of megacities right near wild rainforests. This wonderful country unites many opposites; quiet village life in wooden huts peacefully exists side-by-side with the latest technologies, and ancient traditions share one land with new trends. But the most distinctive feature that makes Thailand truly memorable is Thai ladies. Cute, petite, and charming angels can enchant every single man who came to explore the exotic country.

Why are Thai girls one of the most desired women in the World?

1. They possess a delicate and exotic beauty

It goes without saying that Thai women are incredibly attractive. They all look like cute petite dolls; clear naturally tanned skin, delicate and perfectly proportional features of a face, and gorgeous dark hair are the reason why so many men consider Thai women’s appearance extremely tempting.

In addition, these ladies look young to ripe old age. All girls from the US and Europe do their best to discover the secret of Thai ladies’ youth; there is theory that it is because of petite body type, which helps women look like girls; somebody believes that this is about warm climate and healthy food, and optimists think that the secret is positive emotions and happiness inherent to people of this fabulous country. Still, whatever it is, it works.

2. They are always in a good mood

There is no as smiling country as Thailand. Everybody smiles here even when they are upset or angry. By the way, it is not easy to understand that Thai person feels negative emotions; they never behave aggressively and never complain. Thailand is a perfect country to express yourself in any possible way; people change sex and wear anything they want here. No one will judge you for appearance because Thailand is a land of kindness and hospitality.

Of course, it affects romantic relations with a Thai girl in the best way. Forget about discontent and reproaches; girls in Thailand will rather enjoy their life than get hysterical and nag.

3. They are submissive

The classical model of relationships between men and women has never been questioned in Thailand, and beautiful Thai ladies are good with it. Unlike more Western girls, they see many benefits in being submissive, and they definitely enjoy it. In marriage, your beauty from the paradise land will not take a serious decision without checking with you, and she will never try to rule your life.

On the other hand, she is not the type that does not work and lives off her husband. Yes, Thai women don’t hurry and don’t value career above all, but they are definitely not lazy.

4. They are tender and caring

You will not find such a caring and loving woman anywhere in the World. Respect for a husband is an integral part of Thai culture and traditions. Also, these women show their love not only with words and touches, as we are used to doing this; acts of services are not less important for them to let a husband know about their affection. Therefore, Thai wives are happy to do chores and cook delicious food for beloved men.

Why do you have a good chance to find a girlfriend in Thailand?

Usually, pessimists are prone to think that Asian women are interested only in money of Western men. It’s hard to say whether this statement is truthful, but it definitely does not apply to Thailand girls. Of course, there are some “gold diggers” here, but their percentage is considerably lower than in any other country.

Why is that?

People of this nationality have different values. They do not treat money as a purpose of life, and their lifestyle proves it. Thailand residents are relaxed and smiling, they never hurry, but always enjoy every day they live. The climate zone let the people afford such an attitude to life; they do not have really cold periods of a year, and nature gives them a lot of fruits, vegetables, and seafood. You do not have to work hard to earn a living in Thailand; therefore, mercantilism and greed are just not inherent to them.

Beauty is another value in Thailand, and the main feature of human beauty is whiteness of face. We cannot understand why beautiful tanned skin of Thai girls need to be whitened, and they cannot understand how tourists can sunbathe, getting tanned intentionally. Anyway, they admire our light skin. In addition, girls of Thailand are attracted by Western men’s stature, which is associated with physical strength. Height and broad shoulders of a boyfriend make delicate ladies feel cozy and protected.

You do not have to spend a bunch of money for her and give her as many gifts as possible; if Thai woman likes you, she will stay with you in any case.

How to date a Thai woman?

Choose carefully
A beautiful girl can turn out to be a ladyboy

Looking for an attractive girlfriend, you risk to meet ladyboys in Thailand. This country is rich for transsexuals, and most of them look like very hot girls. Certainly, if you are into such relations, there is no better place than Thailand for this, but if you look for traditional dating, it is important to be very careful from the very beginning.

–    Pay attention to her appearance

Usually, girls from Thailand look very petite, and a ladyboy is much taller than an average Thai lady. This is the first indicator that you have probably met biologically born man. Second, women have broad hips and narrow shoulders. The opposite in addition to high growth should put you on your guard. One more thing you have to notice is whether she wears a bra. As a rule, Thailand women always wear a bra, and ladyboys do not.

–    Pay attention to her behavior

Transsexuals in Thailand try to be feminine even more than girls do. They playfully move their hips while walking, wear stylish clothes, and express their emotions exaggeratedly.

–    Ask her

There is no need to beat around the bush and waste your time; ask her a polite question and check her ID. It is the most reliable way to get to the truth because ID contains information about the sex at birth (ID data in Thailand is also available in English).

Thai girls are very different

The class difference in Thailand is large; you may meet uneducated girls that do not speak English at all in small villages and great professionals and career women in large cities; also, there is a chance to meet frivolous girls that are interested only in having fun.

  • Upper class

Usually, girls from very wealthy families belong to this type. You probably will not meet many of them because they spend time in their social circle. “Upper class” also includes show-business stars and ladies who have reached impressive career heights.

If you seek relations with such a woman, you have to admit that this is not the easiest way to find a Thai bride. First of all, you have to keep up with her status, which means being a respected man with considerable wealth. Also, such romance doesn’t have all the advantages of Thai relationships; most likely, your lady will place her interests before yours.

  • Typical Thai girl

You may meet such ladies everywhere; they work in offices, restaurants, and hotels, walk in parks and chat with friends if cafés. There are many of them in cities and towns and just a few in villages that are distant from civilization. Such girls are educated and speak English well. You have a good chance to get acquainted with some of them, have a fun time, and build a strong relationship in the feature. As well, you will not be bored with a girl of your choice because most likely she loves to travel, watch movies, and learn something new.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • A good girl

Most of these ladies are village residents, and not all of them can overcome the language barrier with a foreigner. They are very devoted to religion, so you can meet them in temples, and never in bars and parties. These shy cuties do not wear sexy clothes or use bright makeup. You can find a kind and devoted bride among them.




  • A party girl

There are plenty of such young women in nightclubs and bars, and all of them look very similar; they have bright makeup, fancy clothing, and, most likely, trendy cell phones.

It is very easy to make contact with them; all you need is to buy her a cocktail and start a conversation. Still, you shouldn’t expect much from such relationships; you can have a nice time together in Thailand, but party girls are not good for family life; moreover, ladies of this type are interested in your money in most cases. 


How to find your perfect match?

Same as dating in real life, Thai romance can be successful or not; everything depends on your luck. Having a rough idea about types of women in Thailand, you can avoid many mistakes.

After all, there is a bypass for seekers of a Thai bride, which is online dating services. You can find several huge reputable platforms, which are very popular among Thailand girls that would like to marry a foreigner. This way helps to meet your soulmate in the shortest time with no efforts. You do not even have to go to Thailand to get acquainted with beautiful Thai women, but postpone this pleasant journey until you have a girlfriend there.

Advantages of online dating:

1. Quality matches

Let’s be real, we had to put up with many flaws of our exes, and in the end, it just didn’t work. That’s because we learn more about our partner’s personality after the relations started, and sometimes it turns out that we are totally incompatible.

The work of many dating sites aims to help interlocutors learn more each about other before start a romance.

2. It’s easier to communicate

Sometimes it is hard to find what to talk about with a girl you met a day ago, but this problem is not common for online correspondence. You do not need to hold a conversation if you have nothing to discuss because other ladies wait for your response. Besides, the language barrier is less visible in online communication.

3. Online dating is cheap

As a rule, first conversations with a pretty lady occurs over coffee at a cozy café; real dates take place at restaurants, and you also are encouraged to bring flowers for your beautiful woman. All of this looks very romantic and nice, but not when you see the bill. Still, it’s fine; what a man is not generous when it’s about his gorgeous girlfriend? But the fact is that before you meet a lady who can be your girlfriend, you need to have many dates with other women. It’s pointless and expensive unless you are a member of a dating platform.

You can use the services of a romantic site for a long time for the same money that can be spent on a one not expensive date. The choice is obvious.

4. Save your time and meet many women

Let us say, you have a two-week trip to Thailand. During this period, you can get acquainted and spend some time with about ten girls; probably, you may have nice relations with one of them. Still, on a dating platform, you can communicate with hundreds of Thai single women within two weeks, and dozens of them could be your perfect bride.

The best platforms to find a girlfriend from Thailand:


Thai Cupid is a site of a respectable and reliable company Cupid Media, which is the best on the dating market. It attracts the customers with convenient interface, low prices, quality services, and reliable anti-scam policy. ThaiCupid offers you more than million active profiles and possibility to communicate for free.




This nice website has more than 7 years of experience in creating matches between Thai girls and Western men. You can start to communicate with a girl few minutes after your decision to join because ThaiDateVip registration is free and quick; as well, you may browse and show your interest to ladies for free. Prices for communication here are lower than average.


ThaiRomances is a new dating site which has noble purposes; first, it aims to help single people find their personal happiness, and second, it supports children in need. All the services are simple and quality. The website shows you list of recommended matches and often provides with discounts for subscription.


ThaiKisses has been created to help Thai singles meet their soulmates in different parts of the world. The platform provides men with free registration, reasonable prices, and gorgeous Thai ladies. Also, you will enjoy the process of searching and communication due to the convenient design.

Dating tips

1. Respect their religion and the royal family

Actually, you have to consider this advice not only dating a Thai girl but in general when you are in Thailand. People in this country are extremely devoted to their religion and love their king very much, and they will not understand any other attitude. If you somehow insult the subjects of worship, even unintentionally, you won’t have a chance for another date with a girl.

2. Take your time in relations

You might have met bar girls that behave more relaxed concerning physical intimacy, but it does not apply to all Thailand ladies.

Thailand people appreciate chastity and traditional romantic relationships. Don’t be scared, it doesn’t mean that you have to wait till you are married, just respect her desire to limit your romance with innocent dating until she completely trusts you. However, the time you wait is definitely worth it. Intimacy is very important for a Thai woman, and she puts pleasure of her man above all.

3. Do not show your affection publicly

This unspoken rule is the reason why women in Thailand are mistakenly considered to be not really interested in physical intimacy; people never see them kissing or hugging their boyfriends and husbands. You also should remember this when dating Thai women.

4. Respect and appreciate her

Girls in Thailand respect themselves very much, and it cannot be otherwise taking into consideration how cheerful those people are. Yes, most of them are shy and submissive, but still, you have to treat her like your equal partner, who she actually is. Listen to her carefully, do not ignore her requests, and do not raise your voice to her in any case.

5. Be happy

The shortest path to her heart is to bring her joy. Thai people do not really see the point in doing something if it doesn’t make them happy. In romantic relations, your match will probably enjoy your company if you feel merry and relaxed; therefore, do not worry and just do whatever you like to do, but do not forget to consult with her.

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