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PinaLove is a new platform which popularity grows extremely fast. The most evident advantage is that you may use it and chat with girls for free. In addition, the service offers a top-notch mobile application, so you may stay in touch with your interlocutor whenever you want.

Activity Rate
28%       72%
Gender Ratio
1.65 Million*

Pina Love Review. Excellent platform to find love

Philippian girls are kind, gentle and loving; they are always attentive and very devoted to their husbands. As well, these gorgeous women are graceful and feminine; they have special charms, so there is no wonder that Western men look for their personal happiness on Philippine Islands. There is an only problem of how to get acquainted with Pilipino ladies if you cannot go to the Islands so far. With, every man can start communicating with as many hot Asian women as he desires and probably ends up with one of them having an amazing wedding.

Verification process

Everybody is able to go through a simple and quick verification process. Registration is surely free, and this allows people of different social status using this site for finding a partner abroad. Login is required for every visitor who has intentions to start searching his perfect match online. Account creating will take not more than few minutes; after that, a new site member will be able to use service for love search.

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Pricing Policy

The site offers only one membership that unlocks all the services. You can choose among 4 types of payment:

  • 1 month. You will be charged $24.95 every month;
  • 3 months. This option requires payment of $49.95 every three months. It is 33% cheaper than buying the membership for 1 month;
  • 6 months. You will be billed only once; the price is $69.95, that helps to save 53%;
  • 1 year. The fee is also charged only once. 12 months of unlimited using cost $99, that is 66% cheaper than one-month subscription.

It should be mention that the prices of Pina Love are one of the cheapest sites among all the paid dating services.

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JayEmiliaNoah SwansonShaneRichard
I found amazing Pina woman right on this site and so happy about it. I’ve been lonely for too long but now my life has changed completely and I’m happy to be at the place I’m right now. There is nothing comparable to the feeling of being loved and cared by your beloved woman. I’m so happy now thanks to this portal.
This website fulfilled my dream about meeting the man of my life. He is from Spain and we managed to get connected really fast. After two months of correspondence, he visited me in Philippines and this meeting changed our lives completely.
I can't express well enough how good of the site Asian Dating is and the ease of use that it offers. It's incredible.
Noah Swanson
I’m Irish guy who adores Asian girls but I didn’t have an opportunity to meet at least one of them in my country, so I created account on PinaLove and this has changed my life forever and now I’m not lonely anymore. My huge thanks to this site for that!
PinaLove portal is a great chance to meet classy women for pleasant communication and more. I was having a long communication with three great girls and finally decided to meet one of them. We had a fabulous time together and now we are living together in my little house on Californian shore. My life is a heaven because of this site. THANK YOU!

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