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This popular website contains about 100 million profiles. has many features, such as online games, different ways to search and communicate with users, blogs, and dating events. There are two memberships which vary with prices and services. The site is perfect for people who want to learn more about Chinese culture.

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Jiayuan review. Discover the world of Chinese romance

Pay attention! Jiayuan is a Chinese website that is not available in English.

Never would have anyone thought that there could be a legit dating service that would not turn out to be a part of the everlasting scams in the industry. Indeed, the network needs changing and thankfully enough, there is one site that has the potential to do such a reality check for the inexperienced customers. Because of such reasons and with the purpose of educating the average-looking single on the internet, one should consider reading this review until the end to receive an ultimate opportunity to find a perfect match with a prospective partner.

Overview of the service

The site of the today’s focus is a little bit unusual, although, in itself is an excellent choice for anyone surfing the internet. Jiayuan, the name of the site, is the most significant dating service that currently exists in China and has more than 100 million followers since the day it came to life. Over the course of existence, the site helped about twelve million people to find the best partner for different purposes, including one-time sex with attractive girls or a long-term lookout for finding love and a wife. According to the various sources, the site has gained such incredible popularity mainly because of its excellent reputation and the desire of the creators to shape the dying industry that was there at the time of the creation.

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Benefits of using Jiayuan

One of the first benefits that each user ultimately receives is the chance to use a trustworthy service that isn‘t a fake scam and intended for fooling the customers. Nevertheless, it has much more to offer. For example, there are numerous cases when people using the service were able to find a partner in a reliable and safe way. Anyone could use the service and stay anonymous, although the team of creators recommends that everyone create a login, upload the profile picture, and only then start communicating. These benefits are genuinely appealing to a lot of users as can be seen by the site’s overwhelming number of clients.

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Similarly to other dating services, Jiayuan can be used for free, although it would limit the opportunities of a user if doing so. The app would not allow for the unlimited instant messages and communication with all the members of the service. Thus, it makes a perfect sense to buy the gold or platinum subscription, which cost 30 and 35 dollars respectively. It should mentioned that there are various opportunities for discounts if anyone decides to purchase a subscription for longer than a single month.

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Brian MilkfishAndrew BogardCathy FieldtripMark Rubikon
The service positions itself as the one for people who are looking for the prospective husband or wife. This is precisely what has happened to me as I have been able to find the real love of my life by using Jiayuan. Appreciate it!
Brian Milkfish
Thanks to Jiayuan, I got laid super easily while being in Bejing. It indeed is something unusual for the folks like I am.
Andrew Bogard
I could not imagine at the time that a service would be of such use to the inexperienced user like I am. It's super easy to use, and I enjoyed that!
Cathy Fieldtrip
The service deserved my highest admiration as I have been able to make an account and find the best dating partner I could ever dream of.
Mark Rubikon

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