Mr Ice x Mr Poe


Mr Poe Mr Ice 
Giving them what they like
Mr poe drinking sprite
Mr Poe Mr Ice 
We giving them what they like
We giving them what they love
When you see a ** fire you tell her give me the light

[Ice Prince -Verse 1]
Last week I was in DC
Cruising out the city in a GT
My homie Elijah on a BB 
So me and OB light it up and burn it a little easy 
City lights with bad bitches and good weed
Its all they ever let a dude see
I'm hanging with the G's and we attract a lot of groupies 
Now she sending me pictures with all the nude scenes 
And rappers try to diss me on track
I'd be like I be like 
Where they do that at
If you ain't talking about the money, you can miss me on that
'Cause I ain't tryna bring the du-rags back  
I turned rags to Louis 
Flash the movie  
I've been around the block with the summer like a pastor duty 
Now my new whip looking like Kim kardashian booty  
Riding on the west feeling like an action movie 
I pop two until I get it and I made it out of stress
And if you don't respect that your whole perspective is a mess. 
Maybe you'll love me when I spray you some cheques 
Ain't nothing realer than that  
Ain't nothing realer than the place I rep
So fuck you and your A bar raps  
I got my radar back  
These rappers gotta know they lay off flat
They still here I can't relate on that 
The focus on the raps and beefs 
We just go in and out the Saks and Fifth  
Stepping in like a boss and taking random pics
The crew look like some pretty niggas with some handsome checks 
I've been in and around the city homie
With them bad boys without the diddy homie 
Blow the loud got me like I'm levitating 
I put my head up feeling like I'm levitating 
You know I ain't scared of Satan 

Ohhh yeah
Hey ice, I swear Mehn
These girls in Barbados just last week 
Its poe!

[Poe - Verse 2]

Last week, I was in Barbados 
Rihanna lookalikes  looking like different flavors 
I swear I'm living out my dreams
Until I woke up from my dream
And realize I'm still in Lagos 
You see this summer vibe is crazy Mehn
Riding with my baby in her BabyBenz
Lately mehn I've been feeling like we just need to give it up and leave 
I put some money from my shows right on my ATM
I set them out
Ample tight amplified girls are measured in Fahrenheit 
Asses turn into jiggle if you tap it right 
Take a left of this traffic, Call up Larry  
Tell him keep better pack it tight 
So tonight we going further like satellite stick a picture for me
Life and chess have taught me nothing is set in stone 
Unlike a bishop you can't limit where a king can go
You see my mission is still solving all my problems 
I just want my only problem to be whether I should rent or own
I should have known now she is tripping off the scent alone 
Her scent said I should leave before I send her home 
This date is not by force o
This pace up in the Porsche 
But nowadays it is hard to reach me
Omg you should port o
Asking me for her number Mehn I did it with the sort code
The boy is tight you gotta fire the quench 
On the road to make an impact 
I don tire with dents  
I'm feeling like a Barca coach I don't rely on the bench 
I'm going in, shoutout to young L 
That dirty sprite I'm drinking is making it hard to spell   
The truth is I don't think I was meant to do 32
I looked at ice and he said might as well
Fuck it
June's very own
Ice prince  

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