Illy Bomaye - i


 [Verse 1]
I appreciate, I really do
From my heart yeah
Your time will come 
But for now weather the storm
Appreciate where your blessings come from 
You wrote me off tryin' to put the boy in the coffin 
Said I wasn't worthy of these accolades and recognition
Sort of like, I lost the keys to my ignition 
So I up-wire the whole shit and kept the car moving nigga 
Fate of the furious, every step miraculous 
Every step directed by the most high I'm curious
How I'm still here dropping bangers back to back 
How I turn my back in the midst of backstabbers
I learnt a lot of lessons 
Counting every single blessing 
Never stressing over basic shit, I'm on my fifth album
Feels like a youngin' with the soul of a veteran 
Way better than black-belter 
Twelve damn
The flow marchallant 
All I do is spit 
Poisonous that 
Do the maths 
While I sit on top of charts
Never been in a greater zone
Just wanna be left alone with my thoughts 
Might come across IBO version of Rick Ross 
Slight semblance with Biggie Smalls 
And so they say
This is the day that the struggle and the hustle pay off
I'm in a different spirit
Trap lamba cultural a nigga got killing 
I tell my nigga Suspect we still gon' make it
Made a couple mistakes and blunders and this Quizzy business
But its all good 'cause when you look back at all the greatness 
You say God i thank you I'm grateful 
I appreciate 
I really do
From my heart 

[Verse 2]
Always giving in my very best
'Till they let me down to rest eternally 
I've been ahead first mentally 
Then financially 
Had to pick the locks to the game 
Found my lane so I stayed in it
Fuckin' king at it 
Stop signing artists for a minute
It never ends how it started 
I wish you luck
Make it on your own
Nobody knows how you make it regardless 
Just make it
'Cause the end justifies the means 
Counting my greens 
No drums, no percussions
I'm just here dropping knowledge in and out of college 
Soak it in, show courage if your mind and your soul permit
So many humans turn reptiles I fight the vomit 
Still sane in the land of the mad
I jot it down with a pen and a pad
The times type of my phone
Toss the stone If your hand's cleaner 
Still a breadwinner trying to buy a few more ovens 
you get me right
That's it.  

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