Feel - Boogey


Who's pay
Ain't nobody paying

[Verse 1]
I feel like I'm losing my patience
I see that you losing your patience 
I feel like my power to heal might be oozing and wasting and I'm losing my patience 
I feel like I'm Dr.phill if it feel like
Don't nobody care about his feelings
I feel like I'm always giving 
I feel like I'm never getting back 
Everybody gonna leave and they never getting back 
I feel like I am the best to ever do it
But you want me to just feel blessed to ever do it 
I write A1 you're refusing to grade it 
Don't ever wanna stop 'till the music is rated 
Dodge the bullet with the label
I knew I had to move in the matrix  
Everyone say you should have made it
Tell them to contribute to the movement they hate it 
All they do is say 'huh you doing amazing'
Call you underground and they never bring food in the basement   
I feel like I'm messing with hypocrites 
I'm sick of these hiphop heads and small talk
Guy if hiphop's dead its your fault
I see you now in a position to help 
and you do it for people in a position of wealth
I feel like all you fakes being sold out shows, 
only giving support to those that sold out shows 
We call it eye service 
ignoring my flow colder than revenge 
..on a beat platter when I serve it
I feel like I'm spending my whole life searching 
..for something that's never under the sky surface 
I'll settle for the reward under but I can't afford any more to give,
and  I'm sorry kids if you looking up to me but unluckily, 
there ain't nobody paying 

Ain't nobody paying the fee
Who's paying
They just wanna play for free

[Verse 2]
I feel like crying alone
I feel like my parents as gonna be 
..disappointed if I don't buy 'em a home
I came this far 
I feel like all the pain and scars..
..are proof that I blend in the water, and overcame the charge 
I feel like I honed my skills right 
You don't appreciate I still write 
You wanna steal right
You will bite but never deliver.. 
the precision and timing 
And my genius is the predicament I'm in 
I'm the light but feeling is dark 
I feel like the ceiling will part revealing the stars..
..and real life like a move, 
Their ain't nothing realest than art
I feel like the man they all want ..
..to kill in the start 
Part 6 coming and killing  Bruce Willis is hard 
My idols don messed up and they couldn't give one less fuck
You never wanna pass the mantle and see your legacy become GOAT
That shit thank you 
D riding the one you know ain't  really the best 
Acting like you really feel them but my feeling is vex 
I feel like you better give me respect 
Was a rookies killing the vets 
Project coming and this my last huh?
Sometimes good things don't last huh
To kill it I need a big brand, 
Nah to really kill it i need a hit mehn   

But ain't nobody paying
Who is paying the fees 
Ain't nobody paying 
They just wanna pay for free   

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