As far as I can remember the man has always been consistent with good art work, Rearly see a Nigerian Act with negative publicity but this man here has been what you call a model example. From dropping major records in albums and being the first Nigerian artist with an MSc, Neato C did set the standard. He evolved from his music career to personal life and still he his excelling. I remember how good "you know my p" was (Source Wikipedia). Track by track the album was a classic, a work that was the album of the year then and still by far one of the best rap project made in Nigeria. A 16 track made to sweet sixteen with all in sixteen bars; an art work that started with "devil is a lair" and ended with "Don't judge" what a way to pick intro and outro, that was how Neato and his team brilliance was. Each track was a mastered reminder of how good the previous is and how better the next will be. There was Ashawo ft wands Coal... What a track that was, talk about "Gidi", "Lagos Hustler", "Ringtone", "kini big deal", "sitting on the top" and "I've been".
These were all production and lyrics classics and am unparalleled blessing to us then during the music stone age. 2008 our rap industry wasn't a culture yet still such good album was produced to give peace to some people who do appreciate good art and nice music. Neato did set the bar and even raised it from where MI left it, this help our industry grew, made MI better, saw a better Dagrin and Vector was given a stage. How we've grown and forgotten 
How we've forgotten how good Rap music was coming from the lips of Neato C, with such sleek bars hip-hop in Nigeria was given life to then and that what the artist now are enjoying, how diverse he made the music, fusing Rap into to other Afro Genre and making it sound good. Making feature into his own personal sound all in the process of owning it this made music better to listen to. Here is whats is befitting of such a good artist such evolution showing how good one can get if they make improvement in their personal life and career. I see it only getting better for Mr C.

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