I would like to indulge you this very moment. Few days ago, the internet went agog and totally haywire solely because of the 4:44 album. Where am I going with this?  Care to find out? Ride along!

 Our industry has been ridiculed in recent years when it comes to real RAP music. This sector of the entertainment industry is one that has not been getting the rave it needs and is gradually making its way into a state of utter oblivion or let me just say near extinction. I introduced the world "near extinction" basically because there are still some fighters rooting for the rhythm and poetry genre of music and battling tooth and nail for its continual relevance. Today I stand ashamed of what Nigerians did to Jay Z's 4:44 album. We knew the entire lyrics of every track on the album before it was barely out. We made Nigerians who aren't interested in RAP music hungry and thirsty for it, and ultimately gave credence to the theory that the rap game is definitely dying on our local soil. 

 Nevertheless, we are still dropping good rap music. I wish "The Palm Wine music" EP had as much rave or the just released "SONIKK" album . I wish 'ilIegal' the mix-tape series made as much wave. I wish Jesse Jagz has as much influence on us with his idea of revamping the industry with a different kind of style. I wish vector had that degree of encomium as he outrightly deserves on his recent LAFIAJI project. I wish MODO was given as much platform as we give to foreign RAP acts, but then, this is Nigeria, where we are mostly hypocrites and  flag bearers of things of the outside world.

 I believe better sensitization would be much appreciated in this regard; on the part of the audience and the artistes as well. I believe our RAP industry has taken a reckless dive into the deep blue sea. Way lesser countries around Africa are dusting us real fast on the track of relevance. But I believe we are in a better position to reclaim what's rightfully ours and take giant strides forward.

The publicity afrobeat and the other genre gets is also needed by the RAP industry to push it forward in this quest. We need far better interests invested into it as much as much as it is in other genres. I am talking about good old hip-hop fussed with hardcore, with better delivery and much more better message in it. This is a step forward and it's also the bitter truth that we must embrace if we really want to rescue our RAP industry from its profusely bleeding state and get a grip on that wonderful sound that inspires people. 

Let's get our game together and place our RAP industry on the forefront in the continent and right up the high pedestal in the world.

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