Important issues about dating Chinese women

Dating a Chinese woman can appear to be the best decision of your life, and if you are determined to have relations with a lady from China, you’ll definitely succeed. However, you should learn a little about Chinese romantic relations to avoid disappointments. Take it seriously, and you will have the best Chinese woman ever.

Reasons to date Chinese women

  1. They are beautiful

Can you imagine someone more beautiful than tender fairies with porcelain faces that live in China? Only the East can be proud of such incredible exotic beauty; every woman would like to be as delicate as Chinese ladies. Their fine slim figures allow any man to feel like a superhero, who can protect his lady from everything bad. That’s why many unmarried men head East to look for happiness.

Typical Chinese woman’s figure

The face of typical Chinese girls deserves specific attention. Their skin is always velvet and smooth, with a barely noticeable blush. It is the reason for a lot of myths in other countries; “the secret of Chinese women’s wonderful skin,” such an advertising slogan can attract the attention of any woman to face care cosmetics. Little dolly noses and dark, trusting eyes tempt every man, and shining flowing hair is a point of pride for all Asian beauties; it looks incredible as if these women know a magic secret. However, girls from China are always improving their appearance; they do their best to have beautiful skin and hair, and apparently, they are succeeding.

There is one more fact about Chinese women, which, however, is hard to explain; they do not look old with age, do not get overweight, their skin almost does not lose elasticity. No matter how old is a Chinese woman, 20 or 50, she is a delicate beauty.

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  1. Smart, but not dominant

Do you know many unselfish and smart women? Most of the smarties will never give up on a good career, and it makes them stubborn and arrogant; very few men are comfortable to be with such a lady.

Marriage-oriented women try to take everything from the relationship so that not to regret they have chosen a husband over a career. Men who do not want to accept compromises have a hard time finding a match. Still, China makes it possible not to settle for less. Intelligence of women cannot be questioned because the Chinese have a real cult of wit.

That’s why the best choice of your life would be to find a Chinese wife. In such a marriage, there won’t be any hysterics or emphasizing of women’s advantage. If you want to share or discuss something, you’re welcome; your wife is your best friend. If you want a good advice, ask your partner because she is one of the smartest women you’ve met.

  1. They need you

And you feel it every moment you share with your Chinese beauty. You won’t get any indifference from the lady of your choice; she wants to do all she can to be slim and beautiful always to attract the man she loves. Everything you say is worth her attention, and anything you want should be considered. It is not a description of a perfect woman, it is a common treatment of a husband in China.

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Why women from China want to date Western men?

European values

As it turns out, Western realities are very enticing for Chinese ladies. They like to be treated on an equal basis with a man and have promising job prospects. As a rule, American and European men are not against their wives’ career, and being a partner for a husband is what a girl look in a marriage.

Besides, if a Chinese woman is divorced, she’d probably never be married again, because the society treats it as a shame. It might sound weird for people from the USA where divorce is a common practice; Chinese ladies know this, and that is the reason why they tend to build a new life with Western foreigners.

We are used to treating our work, career, and money as a means to have a comfortable life, but not a goal itself. It looks like in China it is the other way around. Anyway, Chinese girls believe that they have a good chance to be an important priority for a foreign fiancé, and this prospect made men from Europe and the US an idee fixe of many brides from China.

Open worldview

There are so many things a typical American guy wants to do, travel, meet new people, gain wide experience and sincerely enjoy the life. Of course, any woman despite her values wants to be with such a man. In this respect, Chinese men lag behind. They have to justify the hopes of their relatives, do their best to be good students, and then to have a nice career. It is a part of their mentality, but also they have no choice being the only child in a family. Besides, the competition for jobs in China is quite high because of the overpopulation; so, do the people have any other choice? But still, Western men are relaxed and ready to try different activities.  Chinese women believe that such a person will bring more bright moments to their lives, share their rich and unique experiences, and therefore the relationship with him will be full of adventures journey.


Perhaps, everybody has heard that the Chinese consider the European appearance to be incredible. Tall white-skinned men with bright eyes seem incredibly beautiful for the Asians, and this is one of the reasons why relationships with a man from the Western countries are a great success for Chinese girls.

Chinese dating etiquette

Dating and starting up new relationships are reflections of a particular culture, and even though the purpose of this business is always the same, everybody has to follow unspoken rules to get what he or she wants. China differs a lot from what we got used to; thus you have to treat your romance in this country especially responsibly, and study this science a little instead of learning from your own mistakes.

Matchmaking as a standard practice

Being single in China is not treated like in the USA. People without a spouse or at least romantic partner are considered to be unhappy and even pitiful. Therefore, a fake girlfriend or boyfriend is a common practice in China because many people want to look successful in the eyes of relatives and acquaintances. And of course, everybody introduces a single friend to a single coworker.

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Complimenting ladies is a must!

In the USA, admiration with the appearance of a girl on the first date can be considered as appreciation an appearance over the personality or even as pestering. However, women from China can be confused if a new boyfriend does not compliment their beauty. In this way, men show their liking and affection, so even a little exaggerated praise would also be nice.

Men are initiative

You probably think that making decisions concerning pastime on dates should be bilateral. No, not in China. Making decisions on your own would not show disrespect for her, but save her from burdensome responsibility. Besides, considering Chinese ladies’ submissiveness, this rule looks quite logical.

Women do not take the first step

Chinese baby-doll style

Nowadays, women are encouraged to make the first step, and some of them sincerely enjoy it, feeling how they can control their lives and do what they want. However, Chinese dating rules are rather old-fashioned. A girl has to be shy and modest; those traits are considered as merit. Modern Chinese culture represents it very well. For instance, one of the most popular styles in China is a baby-doll style; girls have long eye-lashes, white skin and rosy cheeks. Can you imagine such a sweet angel being persuasive and making the first step in romantic relationships?

Mutual respect above all

Be sure you won’t hear anything inappropriate from her. Politeness and kindness is a necessary condition of any new relationships, and even if you possess all the best human qualities and look like a Hollywood star, such a little flaw as bad manners and impoliteness will definitely ruin everything before it even starts. Don’t expect to hear from your girlfriend of what you did wrong; most likely, she’ll just go away without any explanation. Be especially courteous when it comes to conversation about her parents and family.

Personal space

A man should respect his lady’s personal space, too. Public display of affection has been never welcomed in China, and the first period of relations is more similar to a friendship that romance. By the way, it’s ok when the first date takes place in the company of friends. So take your time and be sure you know he personality well enough before even taking her hand.

Serious attitude toward affection demonstration

Chinese people do not like to do anything without a good reason, and this also applies to the demonstration of your feelings. Yes, Chinese ladies like to date Western men because they are frank and it’s easier to make contact with them. Still, you shouldn’t tell something you do not really mean; wait with the declaration of love till you are ready to call her your bride. Same applies to getting acquainted with the family. If you meet her parents, it means that this romance will probably end up with a marriage.

Tips to date Chinese women

Actually, China is not as distant as it may seem. The key to successful relations with a Chinese lady is to be more traditional than you are used to. Now, let’s consider some tips, which will definitely help you to win her over.

  1. Pay on dates

Forget about feminism and financial equality; that does not work in China. A girl you date probably does not want to represent herself as a strong money maker; on the contrary, she enjoys being delicate and feminine. So, you have to choose what to do and where to go, and you have to pay up. Don’t be confused if she asks to split the bill; it is just a way she is trying to be polite.

  1. Be initiative in conversations

If you want to find a Chinese girlfriend, you have to be ready to lead conversations, at least on the first date. If you have no idea what is interesting for Eastern girls, register on a dating service, such as, and experience virtual communication. As a rule, ladies are more daring online, so you may have quite active dialogue which will teach you a lot. Before a date, you should come up with some interesting topics for conversation, and it will help you avoid an awkward silence.

  1. Show your appreciation

This applies not only to Chinese girls but to every person you interact with. People like to feel appreciated, but everybody reacts differently. Some women take it for granted, but this is not about Eastern women. They know how to respond for nice gestures and for compliments, and be sure they really enjoy it. Furthermore, your Chinese girlfriend will definitely like you for this.

  1. Consider cultural differences

Eastern dating and communication is slightly different than Western, and those small differences can have a crucial influence on your dating with Chinese ladies. For instance, such qualities as frankness and straightforwardness are considered to be positive in American cultures, but they would be rather unwanted in China. And certainly, forget about baldness. The girls you are familiar with may like the bad-guy type of men, but Chinese ladies value gentlemen.

  1. Impress her every day

You do not need to make every effort for this. Women like small gestures too, and the nicer little things you do, the more she falls in love with you. A single flower, a cup of coffee or any little surprise every day are more valuable than one big deed once a year.

Yes, victory loves preparation, but what’s more important, listen to your heart. If you both like to be together, then nothing can stop you.

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